Official Governor's Mid-Year Correspondence

Hello Eastern Canada!

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the first half of the service year as much as I have! We’ve already accomplished so much, and we still have the next couple of months until the end of the service year, the retirement of the current District Board, and, of course, the induction of the following Eastern Canada District Board! Serving our beautiful district as your Governor has truly been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I am beyond excited (and a little saddened) to pass the torch on to the next Governor this March at our District Education and Leadership Convention (DELC) and see the next board flourish just like this one has!

The first thing that the Eastern Canada District Board did upon our induction was prepare for our virtual District Leadership Training Conference (DLTC), which was held this past September for Key Club executives and general members alike! DLTC was a day-long event that showcased officer training blocks and numerous workshops from ‘How to Run for Higher Office’ to ‘How to Plan a Successful Meeting’! With a record number of registrants attending this event, we ended up hosting many Key Clubbers and passing on incredibly valuable knowledge and information to them! 

Next, I am overjoyed to welcome a newly chartered Key Club to the Eastern Canada District of Key Club International! Please welcome Lambton Central Collegiate and Vocational School of the Great Lakes & Grand Rivers (Division 2/3) to our District! Not only this, but we are currently in the process of aiding multiple clubs throughout the District in the chartering process. The District Board and I hope and expect to reach our goal of three newly chartered clubs by the end of the service year! However, chartering wasn’t just our only goal this year, we also pledged to support our currently active clubs and encourage those that have deactivated to get back on their feet. In order to do so, at the beginning of my term, I named a District Membership Development and Growth Committee to spearhead initiatives and resources to support our current and inactive clubs, which they have undoubtedly done.

Speaking of our District Committees, here is the complete roster of the 2022-2023 District Board Committees!

Membership Development and Growth Co-Chairs:

Great Lakes & Grand Rivers Lieutenant Governor Stephie Lee Varghese
Capital Lieutenant Governor Ashiq Arib Gazi
High Tides & Rocky Shores Lieutenant Governor Co-Chair Rexmin Vu

District Education and Leadership Convention Co-Chairs:

District Executive Assistant Lina Umar
District Secretary-Treasurer Helena Hamzo

Public Relations and Preferred Charities Co-Chairs:

District Editor Bulletin Sophie Longval

Thundering Waters Lieutenant Governor Arielle Longo

Kiwanis Family Relations Co-Chairs: 

District Webmaster Xue Feng Shi

Maple Leaf Lieutenant Governor Manuela Dcunha

Moreover, this year, we also rejuvenated the Eastern Canada District Membership Task Force! With careful consideration from the District Executives, we decided to have two task forces this year, ‘Outreach’ and ‘Events and Promotion’. Taking on the responsibility of chairing these two task forces are the Thundering Waters Lieutenant Governor, Arielle Longo (Outreach), and Maple Leaf Lieutenant Governor, Manuela Dcunha (Events and Promotion).

The following is a complete roster of the 2022-2023 Eastern Canada District Membership Task Force!

Outreach Task Force:

  1. Subcommittee Secretary, Jacklyn Saddler of the Thundering Waters Division
  2. Aida Adams of the Capital Division
  3. Bareeha Zaidi of the Capital Division


Events and Promotion Task Force:

  1. Subcommittee Secretary, Julia Glasberg-Catona of the Capital Division
  2. Isabelle Beralidi of the Thundering Waters Division
  3. Jacklyn Saddler of the Thundering Waters Division
  4. Wendy Zheng, Maple Leaf Division
  5. Aida Adams, Capital Division
  6. Jill Reeves, Capital Division
  7. Alyssa Hu, Capital Division
  8. Jiwoo Kim, Capital Division
  9. Maikee Juarez Alvarez, High Tides & Rocky Shores Division
  10. Sarvessh Dhanasekar, High Tides & Rocky Shores Division

The Outreach Task Force is currently working to improve the District’s bilingualism in French and English and is also working to create a district brand guide for Club Editors all over the Eastern Canada District! With the help of this committee, Arielle Longo and I working as District Co-Translators, and the amazing district support we have received, I am happy to announce that our District has gone 100% bilingual – truly displaying our districts uniqueness and diversity! Next, the Events and Promotion Task Force are working to promote relevant events and service initiatives within our District! With our District Convention quickly approaching, they are busy planning and promoting, and I am so excited to see their hard work pay off this March!

Next, I am so proud to announce that this year’s summer service initiative, Chalk Art Challenge, has been the most successful service project facilitated by the Eastern Canada District in our District’s history! Having nearly 300 Key Clubbers participating and receiving around 1,500 kind chalk art drawings, this service project was a spectacular success! Due to this success, I am pleased to be able to say that we brought the kindness of Key Club to communities all across the six provinces of Eastern Canada!

As you can see, this District Board has accomplished so much with the time we have had in office! I want to thank and recognize the hard work that each District Board member has put into making this year so wonderful! 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me (, the District Executives, your lieutenant governor, or any of the Eastern Canada District Accounts! Eastern Canada Key Club is active on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, so make sure to stay up to date by following along for Key Club news!

Yours in service and leadership, 

Maria Eileen Wheeler 

Eastern Canada District Governor

Key Club International