Division 11/12

High Tides - Rocky Shores

LG's Address

​Hello there! 

My name is Rexmin Vu, and I’m so excited to be serving as your Lieutenant Governor of Division 11/12 for the 2022-2023 year! I’m currently living on the amazing Prince Edward Island and am a grade 10 student. Before joining Key Club, I would always volunteer around my school and community as a hobby, so when I discovered Key Club I was beyond excited to make my passion a constant reality! I also enjoy experiencing new foods and cultures, and in my free time, I love to crochet, cook, and listen to music. I joined Key Club at the beginning of 10th grade, and have already learned so much from the club’s members and advisor. I’ve also developed many new skills, for instance, speaking in front of a large crowd without passing out 🙂

 My goal as the Lieutenant Governor of Division 11/12 is to strengthen our division, connect clubs with each other, and of course charter more clubs in our community. I will carry out activities such as club of the month within division 11/12 (so watch out!). I can’t wait to work and get to know you all. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at ecdlg.11.12@gmail.com! As my home club always says “No day but today!”


Division 11/12 of the Eastern Canada District, also known as High Tides and Rocky Shores consists of three provinces; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. It was first founded in 2008-2009.

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Divisional Events!

Monthly Newsletter

International Coffee House

 Colonel Gray High School Key Club held an event called the International Coffee House to celebrate the diversity in their school. The event was a major success thanks to the hardworking club members who spent over a month planning and gathering information. Students and their families were invited to come enjoy traditional food and music from many different cultures. The highlight of the night was the 57 flags hung from the ceiling which represented all the nationalities of the students in their school.

School Clean Up

Saint John High School Key Club was able to hold several very successful school cleanups despite the current situation with COVID-19. Everyone followed the safety guidelines, wore gloves and masks, and was sure to frequently sanitize their hands. The cleanups have since expanded to nearby parks and areas as well. Additionally, they arranged a food drive for our local soup kitchen. This too allowed our volunteers and members to contribute in a positive way to our community and to help those in need.