DELC 2024

District Education and Leadership Conference

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Welcome to the DELC 2023 page! Read on to learn more about what DELC is, the theme for this year, and how to register! The registration cost for DELC is $225! 

What is DELC?

The District Education and Leadership Conference (DELC) is an end-of-year District-wide celebration of all of the service and achievements all of the ECD Key Clubs have accomplished this service year. It marks the beginning of a brand new service year, with the new board being installed for 2024-2025.

This year, we’ll be holding this event from April 5(3PM)-April 7(1PM)  at the Brantford Circle Square Ranch! Bring a sleeping bag or blankets and sheets, mattresses will be provided.

In case you missed it on our Instagram account @ecdkci, this year’s event theme is “Spring has Sprung” !

DELC Workshops

1. Growing Together: Cultivating Effective Teamwork

This workshop could focus on the importance of teamwork in service projects and how to foster a collaborative and supportive environment within Key Clubs.

2. Ground-up Goals

This workshop will allow you to learn to make SMART goals for the upcoming service year to bring out not only your full potential, but also that of your fellow key clubbers!

3. Gardening a Healthy Mind

This workshop goes over prioritizing your SELFCARE before other responsibilities in your life, ex being a leader, jobs, etc. This workshop will teach you how to prioritize a healthy mind, especially in hectic times.  

4. Key Club Family Tree

Participants in this workshop have the opportunity to learn more about Key Club and the community we are apart of. 

5. Improving spirit

This workshop will cover the importance of passion and how to incorporate passion in everything you do

6. Silent Voice: guest speaker

This workshop will include learning ASL (American sign language) and understanding deaf culture. The guest speaker will be discussing Service within the Deaf community/Silent Voice

How do I register? 

Click the golden button at the top of this page, and we’ll take you over to the registration page.  It’ll close on March 22, so make sure to register soon! Advisors can do bulk registration, send names to Firma who can give DST Jim the names for registry. Please note that there will not be an early bird rate. The cost per attendee is $225, but feel free to fundraise in order to raise money for DELC! 

Note: ALL chaperons will need a current Vulnerable Police Check & their Youth Protection Praesidium courses. Advisors can speak to Firma if they need clarification on this. 

Remember that you’ll only be able to attend if your club has paid dues this year. If you’re not sure, please check with your club president before registering.